Brittany and the world of prehistory

The universe was first empty, but, then, a lot of stars and planets have filled it and, 4,6 millions years ago, the Earth appeared.

Since the time of its formation, all has been made of changes, natural modifications, internal reshaping of shapes and forces, liquids transformed into solids. 

There was also the evolution of life, with natural extinctions. And then, one day, amongst this abundant life, we arrived…

But not in one day, no. According to our knowledge, it took one billion years! The first traces of our lithic tools date from 3,3 millions years ago.  Without doubt, this date will change with new discoveries, as well as the answers to these following questions :

Where do we come from?

What did we do?

Why are we all from the same species, Homo Sapiens, when so many other species existed before and at the same time as us?

How many species have existed?

In what kind of environment?

Were there mountains, forests and animals?

Was it cold or warm?

And, what did we do?


In short, what do we know about our ancestors and how did we get our knowledge about them?

At the moment, we live in this vast human society, comprising hundreds of different cultures, living together as best at they can. 

But before, were there also physical and cultural differences amongst the “homi-nids”?



Before, well before,

A long time ago in the past and the passing time,

The geological times,

The time of our ancestors,

The time of life, the living, at the living scale, or at our time…


From the Big Bang to the formation of Earth, from the apparition of the living beings and then the first hominids to our supremacy, everything is intimately linked 

Put together, it is our history, old and new, written or not.

Altogether, they are the histories that made us.

So, depending on your desires, we can help you discover, with more or less precisions, these different periods of Prehistoric times, from the Palaeolithic to the end of the Neolithic, in order to better apprehend, perceive and understand it. 

Along the discovery of our own evolution, of our advances in our knowledge of the world and of the beginning of our history before writing, we can put ourselves in the shoes of our ancestors, as well as of the people who discovered and studied them.

According to your choices, actively engaged and with fun, regardless the age of the bipeds who will participate in our activities, you will learn about the mysteries of the ones who walked upstraight. 

So, if you contact us, be ready to hunt mammoths, to be a hunter-gatherer, to make fire to warm the entrance of your caves or your houses. We will learn and grow thanks to the size of our brains first, and, then, to the size of your flint tools!

We will discover together diverse aspects of Prehistory, the history of pre-humanity.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be delighted to answer you about our activities, in French or in Breton language, as well as about our exhibitions.

We are looking forward to share our passion and long live the history of our Prehistory!



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