membErs of the network of prehistorics sites in brittany

Megalithic sites, mediations, interpretation centers, construction sites… the Prehistory of Brittany creates an important dynamic for the enhancement of our heritage.




Julie Broszniowski

Cairn de Gavrinis

Chantier des mégalithes

Les chemins de l'archéologie

Les Chemins d’Éléonore


Détente et découvertes

Karine Domi

Echos d'histoire

Yves Guyonvarc’h

Koruc - navigation préhistorique


Menez Dregan

Les menhirs de Monteneuf

Le musée à roulettes

Nature & mégalithes - CPIE


Paysages de Mégalithes


préhistoire interactive

La Roche-aux-Fées

Société Nantaise de Préhistoire


Landes de Lanvaux



A citizen and scientific mediation approach

The association works toward the valorisation of archaeological sites and their heritage through a scientific approach.



disseminate archaeological knowledge

ArcheoSession is dedicated to creating and hosting activities promoting archaeology and prehistory

Edition / Mediation / Podcast


And archaeology turns into stories!

Art’CheoLab technicians, using their scientific skills and techniques, spread knowledge and share their ideas of History.


Julie Broszniowski

education officer in prehistory and archeology

Sharing knowledge and know-how with schools and tourists

Megalith / Mediation

Cairn de Gavrinis

gem of prehistoric times

Located on the island of Gavrinis, in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, it was built over 6000 years ago.

Integration projects

Le Chantier des Mégalithes

A unique european professional insertion program

Beyond its mission of promoting and preserving the megalithic heritage, the Chantier des Mégalithes is a springboard to employment.

Archaeological sites / Mediation / Interpretation Center

Les chemins de l'archéologie


The Quelfenec dolerite outcrop, a departemental site that is open to walkers all year long.

Park / Archaeological sites

Les Chemins d’Éléonore

Extraordinary journeys

Park dotted with a small-scale historical heritage evoking the very ancient occupation of the place: Neolithic quarries, menhir, ancient road.

Volunteer worksites


international volunteer camps

Concordia implements projects that aim to facilitate intergenerational and intercultural exchanges, but also to promote other forms of learning.


Détente et découvertes


Follow Valérie her during brand-new guided tours about diverse themes, from archaeology to Breton culture and nature.


Karine Domi

A mediator who’s got a lot of strings to her bow!

Passionate about Breton Prehistory, Karine offers you to go on the discovery of local monuments.

Applications / RA-VR-AI / Illustrations

échos d'histoire

Archaeological illustrations and digital tools

Proper Use of Digital Tools: Bridging Traditional Illustration and Technology for the benefit of Visitors.


Yves Guyonvarc’h

Come and learn about the prehistoric way of life

Come and learn about the way of life of our prehistoric ancestors with educational tools and interactive workshops

Mediation / Experimentation

koruc – navigation préhistorique

Embark on prehistory!

Experimental projects in the field of nautical archaeology, and particularly the first boats of European Prehistory.

Megalithic sites


Giant stones : menhirs and dolmens

This area stands out for the abundance and diversity of its Neolithic heritage (passage graves, gallery graves, simple dolmens, standing stones…).

Interpretation center


Journey to the heart of the Neolithic

a whole past testifying to the daily life of our ancestors, displayed in our archeological interpretation space. 

Megalithe / Interpretation center

Menez Dregan – Plouhinec

A cave, megaliths and an interpretation center

The Cave at Menez Dregan, discovered in 1985 is a major site of the Paleolithic period.

Megaliths/ Mediation / Archéosite

les menhirs de Monteneuf

archeosite of brittany

The site of Menhirs de Monteneuf is a megalithic site is made of 42 stones, currently standing, and of more than 500 stones lying down.


Le Musée à roulettes

learn about the daily life of prehistoric hunter-gatherers

Evocation of a Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon camp, allowing to learn about the daily life of prehistoric hunter-gatherers.

Megaliths / Mediation/ Production / Interpretation center

Nature et Mégalithes - CPIE

Heritage mediation in Brittany

Within the CPIE, the heritage center aims to mediate prehistoric heritage across the Brittany region.

Web app / Contents / Drone


The future of Prehistory

New technologies at the service of heritage enhancement

Megaliths / UNESCO

Paysages de Mégalithes

World heritage

The association « Paysages de Mégalithes », support the application file submitted of the megaliths of Carnac and the Gulf of Morbihan to UNESCO in order to list as a world heritage site.

Megalith / Mediation

Petit Mont

a Story filled promontory

A unique and strategic location for this megalithic site used as a funeral place during Prehistory in the Neolithic time.

Mediation / Experimentation / Production

préhistoire interactive

connecting the world of research and the public

Experimentations, educational spaces and pedagogical recources, training, events management…

Megalith / Mediation

La Roche aux Fées

ONE OF the most preserved dolmen of Europe

The purple schist paving stones that make up the dolmen draw a covered alley. Back in 3000 BC it was a very common type of grave.


Société Nantaise de Préhistoire

For the collection and dissemination of knowledge

SNP devotes itself to the study of Prehistory in general and to the study of sciences that help to understand it.



Brittany and the world of prehistory

Actively engaged and with fun, regardless the age of the bipeds, you will learn about the mysteries of the ones who walked upstraight.