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connecting the world of research and the public

Préhistoire interactive is a mediation organization dedicated to Prehistory, that belongs to the Activities and Employment Cooperative (CAE) Elan Créateur in Rennes.

Préhistoire interactive connects the world of research and the public to disseminate and make accessible the knowledge acquired on the way of life of human groups in prehistory.

Fields of expertise:

Archaeological experimentations.

E.g.: megalithic architectures construction techniques; dugout canoe manufacture with stone tools and fire; tree felling using stone tools… 

Educational spaces staging.

E.g.: installation out of an educational space for the Centre des Monuments Nationaux in Carnac dedicated to megaliths transportation and raising methods.

Pedagogical resources conception.

E.g.: conception of 3 devices, including an app, for the “Mission archéo” tool created for the megalithic site of la Roche aux Fées in Essé.

Professional training (trainer status).

E.g. : support of the archaeological park Asnapio in Villeneuve d’Ascq for the creation of thematic educational workshops and for the use of educational devices for their education officers.

Prehistory themed events management.

E.g. : Organization of Prehistoric Weapons European Championship rounds


Préhistoire interactive

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