Petit Mont

a Story filled promontory

In Arzon, a stone’s throw from the port of Crouesty, nestled in the heart of an exceptional natural area, the cairn of Petit Mont overlooks the ocean and the Gulf of Morbihan: a unique and strategic location for this megalithic site used as a funeral place during Prehistory in the Neolithic time, as a religious place during Antiquity and finally as a military fortress during World War II…

This over 6,000-year-old architecture reveals many stories, such as the two funeral chambers of the cairn of Petit Mont, that through their characteristic engraved ornamentations, bear witness to this reuse at different key periods. Petit Mont is a reminder of the ways in which history has been written and rewritten on this headland.

Discovering Petit Mont also means admiring an exceptional view of the horizon. Rising to 36m above the sea, Petit Mont offers the most breathtaking view of the ocean, Belle-Île, Houat, Hoëdic, Locmariaquer, but also of Gavrinis and the entire Gulf of Morbihan…

In this unique environment, the cairn is a great starting point for wandering around the monument, on the coastal paths and surrounding beaches.

In order to help you discover prehistory in an educational and entertaining way, workshops and activities are organized on different themes: pottery, music, excavations, ornaments… It is even more fun to learn by doing!

Tip: get the twin ticket cairn de Petit Mont + cairn de Gavrinis !

Horaires d’ouvertures

  • Période 1 : Vacances d’hiver
    tous les jours (sauf le lundi) de 14h à 17h30.
  • Période 2 : Mars (en dehors des vacances scolaires), octobre, novembre, décembre
    à la demande, sur réservation (accueil des groupes et CLSH).
  • Période 3 : Avril, mai, juin, jusqu’au 1er samedi des vacances estivales et septembre
    tous les jours (sauf le lundi) de 14h à 18h30.
  • Période 4 : Du 1er samedi au dernier dimanche des vacances estivales
    tous les jours de 10h à 19h.
  • Période 5 : Vacances de Toussaint :
    tous les jours (sauf le lundi) de 14h à 17h30.


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