Journey to the heart of the Neolithic

A journey into the Heart of the Neolithic period: 

In the hinterland of the Mont Saint Michel bay, stands the village of Lillemer on a hillock 13 meters above sea level.

Here, terraces, paths, polished stone axes and flint tools were unearthed…… a whole past testifying to the daily life of our ancestors, displayed in our archeological interpretation space adjacent to the Town Hall. 

With simple guided tours, you can discover our exhibition about this distant Neolithic period and extend your visit with a hike in the marshes surrounding Lillemer for nature lover.

Horaires d’ouvertures

  • Lundi : 08h30-12h30 / 13h30-17h30
  • Mardi : 09h00-12h30
  • Jeudi : 09h00-12h30 / 13h30-16h30
  • Vendredi : 10h00-12h30 / 13h30-18h00

    Opening hours identical to those of the Town Hall

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