LE Musée à roulettes

learn about the daily life of prehistoric hunter-gatherers

The association Par-ci Par-là has created “The Museum on Wheels”, with two types of activities to learn about the daily life of prehistoric hunter-gatherers…

These are designed for children and target all audiences. The activities presented are nomadic, can be lived inside or outside, and can be moved to schools, to recreation centers, to seniors’ homes, to local festivals, on the “sentier des douaniers”, on marketplaces, near a menhir or a dolmen… We provide an evocation of a Neanderthal or Cro-Magnon camp, allowing you to learn about : 

– tools of nomadism 

– dwellings 

– the daily life

The animation is conducted like a ” conference “, and an exchange of questions and answers with the audience. Participants can touch all the reconstructions, making the tactile dimension a central part of the activity.  

We also provide technical workshops: painting, engraving, clay modeling, … 

These workshops are suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

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