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Archaeological illustrations and digital tools

Proper Use of Digital Tools: Bridging Traditional Illustration and Technology for the benefit of Visitors.

Visitors of an archaeological site, like any visitors, expect a new experience, whether with family or friends. This experience is based on a narrative that, ideally, would transport both enthusiasts and novices to another world, another dimension.

Digital Technology can help, but is better used as a tool than a whole. Mobile applications, augmented and virtual reality, AI… should seamlessly fade into the background in favor of feelings, emotion.

After all, doesn’t archaeology ultimately speak of our humanity? Traditional illustration is a powerful ally as it softens the digital coldness and highlights the human condition of those who came before us. Traditional illustration and digital tools are fortunately complementary, allowing them to blend in 2.5D or 3D, thereby creating diverse, non-parallel, and balanced worlds.

Off the Beaten Path

At a time when managing the high influx of visitors becomes challenging for most of famous places, there is an opportunity to valorize small sites. A chance to discover lesser-known aspects of history.

In this regard, the ‘Échos d’Histoire’ channel opens some hidden doors on these offbeat trails.

Pierrick Legobien is an illustrator specialized in archaeology. With the collaboration of scientists, he strives to recreate landscapes and past living environments. For over twenty years, he has brought his expertise and sensitivity to the service of scientific restoration.

Yves Lemasson develops the digital and illustrated aspects of ‘Sac’h Néo’ and the ‘Échos d’Histoire’ application.”

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