Valérie offers to everyone the possibility of following her during brand-new guided tours about diverse themes, from archaeology to Breton culture and nature. 

Do you want to visit the southern tip of the Finistère region? Do you want to life and share a true experience with a guide with real hands-on expertise in the field ? 

Experience short hiking tours for families, going trough archaeological sites like the Pointe de la Torche. Prehistoric workshops, for young and old alike, will allow you to be the actor of your guided tour ! 

Archéo Bike Tour, what is it? Your guide gives a brand-new twist to archaeology with a ride of at least 8 kms on a bike, in order to see a maximum of prehistoric sites. You can come with your own bike for this tour or ask for one while booking for the tour. 

On-foot fishing is also a passion of your guide. Gastronomy and fishing techniques, sometimes ancient, will be explained. After reviewing animal and plant species, you will be able to live like Robinson on the littoral !


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