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Concordia is a popular education association, created in 1950 after World War II, following the ambition of British, German and French youths to ensure the revitalization of the values of tolerance and peace through the organization of international youth volunteer workcamps.

To this day and after over 65 years, Concordia continues to defend these values, either in the context of short term volunteering (workcamps) or in the context of mid or long term volunteering.

Concordia implements projects that aim to facilitate intergenerational and intercultural exchanges, but also to promote other forms of learning.

Concordia’s Breton delegation is especially invested in carrying out projects associated to heritage preservation, in collaboration with local players and with the support of Bretagne Region.

Given the importance of the megalithic heritage in Bretagne, Concordia joined RSPB in 2017 and wishes to engage in implementing workcamps regarding the valorization of megalithic sites.


Concordia Bretagne

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Tel : 09 73 25 28 16

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