And archaeology turns into stories!

A company for cultural mediation of archaeology at your service And archaeology turns into stories!

Experimentation, manipulation, observation

Archaeology is a multifaceted science

In order to preserve our heritage, to sharpen our curiosity and to awake our critical thinking, Art’CheoLab technicians, using their scientific skills and techniques, spread knowledge and share their ideas of History and histories, Myths and mysteries, Knowledge and know-hows…


Mediation, Training, Creation

Set in Bretagne, Art’CheoLab technicians will walk you through the discovery of patrimonial sites throughout all of Europe.

Professional training, conferences, visits and educational workshops are as many activities that allow us to address archaeology’s different sides: its professions, art, crafts, writing or local history, from Prehistory to today.

Books, slide shows, games, discovery booklets and worksheets are available for different audiences: schools, associations, public authorities, professionals, work councils, day cares, private individuals…

These numerous educational tools can be organized together or separately. Art’CheoLab technicians facilitate thinking so that everyone can understand and grasp their surroundings serenely and develop their own expression and creativity. 

PODCAsT “Truelle et sac à dos”

A program produced by Art’ChéoLab to talk to you about mediation in archeology but also about heritage enhancement. We will meet those who create. We will discover behind the scenes of the cultural mediation professions, the places, the actions carried out, the objects, the sites and the people who every day intervene as close as possible to the public to transmit History and stories.


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