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ArcheoSession is dedicated to creating and hosting activities promoting archaeology and prehistory in Pays de la Loire and in Bretagne, contributing to the diffusion of scientific knowledge in these fields towards the public.

ArcheoSession’s mediation actions are intended for children, teenagers and adults. The organization also wishes to reach the public known as “prevented” (in prison and hospital environments for instance).

Cultural mediation of archaeology participates to the growth of a civic awareness through the understanding of a common heritage that encourages one’s appropriation and respect for their geographic, physical, and social surroundings… and for those of others.

This association also intends to contribute in a more general way to the valorization of the Pays de la Loire cultural heritage, as a witness of human activities on the territory.


Our approach


The educational activities are created in a way that makes the audience an active participant in their learning (through questioning and experimenting) so that they reach a better understanding of the scientific method.

Our process requires that we base our work on reliable and up-to-date scientific data, and that our learning objectives and the equipment we use are suitable for every target audience.

Educational worksops.

Participants are encouraged to discover methods and techniques that archaeologists employ in the field or in labs.

Our workshops allow the audiences active construction of their knowledge.

Educational devices conception

Heritage sites mediation

In order to contribute to the valorization of the archeological heritage, testimony to mankind’s actions in Pays de la Loire, ArchéoSession offers to organize complementary visits and educational activities on patrimonial sites.



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